Exocet RF AST FOIL Board (2019)


• Dedicated board for the foil in racing or leisure conditions.

The RF Foil is Exocet Race Freerace windfoil boards. With their unique and specific shape, they are particularly accessible and efficient in all conditions. Their flat bridge and the volume distribution have the effect of making all the foils mounted on it more stable, comfortable, and efficient.
Exists in two models: 81/91

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The RF 91 and RF 81 have a specific deck plan and hull to make the practice in flight easier. The rail curvature is very pronounced towards the hull and a rounded VE on the nose facilitates hard landings without losing speed.
The flat deck plan allows perfect foot contact when the board is against the bed. The volume distribution is also studied for a start in foil feet in the footstraps.

Volume Length Width Weight (AST -Carb. – Ltd Ed.) End Box Sails range
RF 81 135 Liters 230 cm 81 cm 9.6 – 8.8 – 8.1 kgs Not included Deep Tuttle Box (Foil Compatible) 4.0 – 9.0 m2
RF 91 155Litres 230 cm 91 cm 10.8 – 9.9 – 9.1 kgs Not included Deep Tuttle Box (Foil Compatible) 4.0 – 9.0 m2


• One shot AST molding
• ASA type construction, fiberglass and glass mat covered with ASA deck and hull skin.

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