The new Silver is the Freerace sail of the XO Sails range.

Powerful, stable, fast, it remains light and accessible thanks to its moderate-sized sheath and its 6 battens and 2 cambers.

Ideal for long distances, it is also suitable for riders sailing in slalom but looking for a less technical rig to use than pure slalom sails.• Slalom, Freeride Slalom
• Freeride sail and Freeride slalom for any type of wind
• Powerfull and easy in marginal conditions
• Low luft curve allowing fairly low tension on the downhaul
• Lower luft curve allows a wide compatibility to all kind of mast

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Size (m2) Boom (cm) Luff (cm) Recommended Mast Battens Cambers Top
6,3 193 437 RX 80/100 6 2 Vario
7,0 206 457 SX 80/100 6 2 Fixed
7,8 215 482 SX 80/100 6 2 Fixed

• Kevlar mast pannel to lock the shape
• Strap tensioner on the outhaul
• Head PVC protection• PVC batten end protector
• PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
• Velcro scratch on mast protector for easy access
• Triple stainless steel down haul poolies
• Thermoform mast protector
• 3 x Teckcam

• Monofilm sail
• Kevlar mast panel & reinforcement

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6.3, 7.0, 7.8

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